Each pigeon that came home from the derby is offered at auction, organized and conducted on-line on the organizer's website. 

To participate in the auction you have to register through the site with a valid e-mail (confirmation link will be sent via e-mail) and approval by the organizer. 

The minimum bid is 10€. Participants in a bidding receive an e-mail or push notification (if they use the mobile app) when one of them bids. 

Auction’s webpage refreshes automatically every 30 seconds. 

When someone places a bid in the last 10 minutes, the auction of the specific pigeon automatically extends with additional 10 minutes until the bidding stops.  

The bidder with the highest bid wins the auction. 

After the end of the auction, the price reached for each pigeon is divided equally between the pigeon breeder and One loft race KALIMANCI. 

Pigeons that are not sold at auction can be bought by breeder who sent them at a price 10€. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the organizers within 10 days after the end of the auction. After this period, the pigeons remain the property of the One loft race KALIMANCI.