No Land Navn Ring
1  Great Britain Brian Holland GB-C01651/12
2  Great Britain Brian Holland GB-C01661/12
3  Great Britain CELTIC LOFTS GB-023745/12
4  Great Britain CELTIC LOFTS GB-V23745/12
5  Great Britain CELTIC LOFTS GB-V23748/12
6  Great Britain CELTIC LOFTS GB-V23754/12
7  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10128/12
8  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10134/12
9  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10149/12
10  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10150/12
11  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10154/12
12  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10157/12
13  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10160/12
14  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10162/12
15  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10166/12
16  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-J10182/12
17  Great Britain Chris Woodborn GB-S74582/12
18  Great Britain Chris Woodborn GB-S74587/12
19  Great Britain Daerden BROS. GB-N80429/12
20  Great Britain Daerden BROS. GB-N80430/12
21  Great Britain Daerden BROS. GB-N80431/12
22  Great Britain Daerden BROS. GB-N80433/12
23  Great Britain Deve Valentine GB-E44400/12
24  Great Britain Deve Valentine GB-E44421/12
25  Great Britain Duncan Kittow GB-N49737/12
26  Great Britain Duncan Kittow GB-N49741/12
27  Great Britain Duncan Kittow GB-N49743/12
28  Great Britain F. Burnley GB-P13333/12
29  Great Britain FRANK KAY GB-E01712/12
30  Great Britain FRANK KAY GB-E01713/12
31  Great Britain G.C Barrett GB-S49928/12
32  Great Britain G.C Barrett GB-S49929/12
33  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-0333004/12
34  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-0335009/12
35  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-03423/12
36  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-05523/12
37  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-05989/12
38  Great Britain GB Unknown GB-3304/12
39  Great Britain H.Rawson & Son GB-N59525/12
40  Great Britain H.Rawson & Son GB-Z 30556/12
41  Great Britain Jim Nicholson GB-NEHU0424/12
42  Great Britain Jim Nicholson GB-NEHU0425/12
43  Great Britain Karen James & George Gordon GB-V 00007/12
44  Great Britain Karen James & George Gordon GB-V00014/12
45  Great Britain KEN WISE GB-03318/12
46  Great Britain Les & Andrew STUCKEY GB-H21694/12
47  Great Britain Les & Andrew STUCKEY GB-S04243/12
48  Great Britain Les & Andrew STUCKEY GB-S04249/12
49  Great Britain M Williams GB-H33086/12
50  Great Britain M Williams GB-H33092/12
51  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V 05523/12
52  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05543/12
53  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05544/12
54  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05546/12
55  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05547/12
56  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05549/12
57  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05555/12
58  Great Britain M JOHN & SON GB-V05556/12
59  Great Britain Mr. G. Bristow GB-J22779/12
60  Great Britain Mr. G. Bristow GB-J22780/12
61  Great Britain Mr. G. Bristow GB-J22781/12
62  Great Britain Newport & Davison & Regan GB-A47024/12
63  Great Britain Newport & Davison & Regan GB-A47029/12
64  Great Britain Newport & Davison & Regan GB-L14629/12
65  Great Britain Newport & Davison & Regan GB-L14633/12
66  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-30956/12
67  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-30973/12
68  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-N59504/12
69  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-Z 30573/12
70  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-Z30917/12
71  Great Britain Shirebrook Lads and Kolasza Brothers GB-Z30950/12
72  Great Britain Stirling & Son GB-Z73564/12
73  Great Britain Stirling & Son GB-Z73567/12
74  Great Britain TNE BELPER MISSONARIES GB-P05193/12
75  Great Britain TNE BELPER MISSONARIES GB-Z20824/12
76  Great Britain TNE BELPER MISSONARIES GB-Z34549/12
77  Great Britain TNE BELPER MISSONARIES GB-Z34552/12