No Land Navn Ring
1  Great Britain Arthur Jones GB-N29862/18
2  Great Britain Arthur Jones GB-N29866/18
3  Great Britain Arthur Jones GB-Z24362/18
4  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08301/18
5  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08302/18
6  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08303/18
7  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08304/18
8  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08311/18
9  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08314/18
10  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08315/18
11  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08361/18
12  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08362/18
13  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08366/18
14  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08367/18
15  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08370/18
16  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-V08371/18
17  Great Britain Camrose House Sindicate GB-Z40592/18
18  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01505/18
19  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01506/18
20  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01507/18
21  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01508/18
22  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01511/18
23  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01512/18
24  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01540/18
25  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01542/18
26  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01561/18
27  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01563/18
28  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01569/18
29  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-N01573/18
30  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-P20186/18
31  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-P20193/18
32  Great Britain Chris Gordon GB-P20292/18
33  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20382/18
34  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20388/18
35  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20390/18
36  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20422/18
37  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20423/18
38  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20424/18
39  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20425/18
40  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20427/18
41  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20429/18
42  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-E20430/18
43  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-P18766/18
44  Great Britain Craig Stevens GB-V68423/18
45  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25727/18
46  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25740/18
47  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25743/18
48  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25753/18
49  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25779/18
50  Great Britain G & A Tomlinson GB-F25785/18
51  Great Britain Geoffrey Robinson GB-N01553/18
52  Great Britain Geoffrey Robinson GB-N01554/18
53  Great Britain Geoffrey Robinson GB-N01560/18
54  Great Britain Geoffrey Robinson GB-N01575/18
55  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45795/18
56  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45797/18
57  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45799/18
58  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45803/18
59  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45805/18
60  Great Britain K.Beech & Sons GB-X45811/18
61  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25785/18
62  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25786/18
63  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25793/18
64  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25794/18
65  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25797/18
66  Great Britain Keith Warnes GB-C25798/18
67  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-E20391/18
68  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-E20426/18
69  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-P01143/18
70  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-P01144/18
71  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-P01153/18
72  Great Britain Ken,Kevin and Gregg GB-P01154/18
73  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-E20383/18
74  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-E20386/18
75  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-P18751/18
76  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-P18753/18
77  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-P18763/18
78  Great Britain Ken,Kevin,Gregg and Grace GB-P18765/18
79  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27306/18
80  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27314/18
81  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27315/18
82  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27317/18
83  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27323/18
84  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27324/18
85  Great Britain Mr D W Thompson GB-N27348/18
86  Great Britain Norman Robinson GB-Z65081/18
87  Great Britain Norman Robinson GB-Z65089/18
88  Great Britain Norman Robinson GB-Z65090/18
89  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-P19253/18
90  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-P19307/18
91  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-P19317/18
92  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-P19453/18
93  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-X04779/18
94  Great Britain Pinxton Pirates GB-X07455/18
95  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-E13587/18
96  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13442/18
97  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13443/18
98  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13444/18
99  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13446/18
100  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13448/18
101  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13449/18
102  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13450/18
103  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13451/18
104  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13458/18
105  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13459/18
106  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N13461/18
107  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N14815/18
108  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N16312/18
109  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N16313/18
110  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N16314/18
111  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N16315/18
112  Great Britain Pompey Boys GB-N32798/18
113  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56603/18
114  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56607/18
115  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56621/18
116  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56622/18
117  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56629/18
118  Great Britain Rainbow lofts GB-V56634/18
119  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14742/18
120  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14744/18
121  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14745/18
122  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14746/18
123  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14748/18
124  Great Britain Rainstorm Boys GB-X14754/18
125  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07201/18
126  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07203/18
127  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07205/18
128  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07908/18
129  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07953/18
130  Great Britain TEAM UK GB-S07984/18
131  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31005/18
132  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31019/18
133  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31020/18
134  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31022/18
135  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31029/18
136  Great Britain Wentworth Lofts GB-V31038/18
137  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-N68736/18
138  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-S48676/18
139  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-X12141/18
140  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-X12142/18
141  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-X12185/18
142  Great Britain Yorkshire Pit lads GB-Z33184/18