General Conditions

General Conditions

  • On the date of delivery, the pigeons must be 25 - 30 days old.
  • The pigeons must be sent between the 1st of March and 25th of May.
  • Documents:
    The pigeons must be accompanied by:
    - Health certificate
    - Pedigrees + Owner cards
    - Invoice “No commercial value”
  • All the pigeons will be ringed with electronic rings.
  • One Loft Race “Kalimantsi” is going to publish information about the pigeons on its page
  • Fill in the Register Form

How to send your pigeons?

1. A representative of the pigeon racing course “Kalimantsi”.If you wish, you can bring personal or delivery your pigeons to our agent:
The pigeons have to arrive on these dates and to be accompanied by the required documents. Payment can be made here. For transport + 10 Euros per pigeon.

2. If you want you leave the pigeons near One Loft Race Kalimantsi it’s your decision.
  Pigeons ownership:

An auction will take place after the race and all the winner-pigeons will be sold as the sum total will be shared out at 50% between the pigeon‘s owner and the Pigeon center Kalimantsi.